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Babysitting Tips & Education

Whether you are a babysitter or the parent, you will find information on this page that will be useful to you.
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Fire Safety Tips for Parents and Babysitters

The following tips are provided by the Fire Department.


  • Never leave children alone if they are not capable of taking care of themselves
  • Know your babysitter – choose a person who has a sense of responsibility, a liking for children, and , if possible, who lives in the same neighbourhood.
  • Review these guidelines with your babysitter. Leave both written and oral instructions with your babysitter, including
    • where you will be, how you can be contacted (exact address, phone number) and when you will return;
    • the name, address and phone number of a responsible neighbour to be contacted in an emergency;
    • the complete address of your residence;
    • where the exits are located;
    • where the phone is located;
    • how to call the fire department, police, or a doctor in an emergency.


  • Remember, in the event of a fire, your first responsibility is the safety of the children.
  • If you smell smoke or gas, take the children immediately to a safe location outside the building.
  • Never waste time dressing the children – a blanket will do, even in cold weather
  • Do not turn on any switches as this my cause a sudden explosion.
  • NEVER go back into a burning building for any reason whatsoever. Smoke and gas are dangerous even from a very small fire.
  • Have a neighbour call the Fire Department.
  • Remember to take the children to a safe location outside the building.

Babysitter Emergency Information Sheet

Click here to print out an information sheet that you can post anywhere in your house. This sheet will provide your babysitter with important information about your children, your home, and contact numbers. Are you a babysitter yourself? Print off several copies of this sheet to take with you – have the parents fill the sheet out before they leave!

For More Information

For more information regarding babysitting safety, contact the Fire Department at 613-498-4260 or email etfd@ektwp.ca