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Forms & Applications

This page represents a consolidation of all the various forms & applications that are available on the Township’s website. All forms & applications are presented in a more printer friendly .pdf format. In order to read .pdf files you will require the Adobe Acrobat reader, a free download from www.adobe.com

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Accessibility – Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards Policy By-law 09-75

Download the Township’s Customer Service Standards Procedures.

Customer Service Feedback Form

Feedback Process:
To assist the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley in ensuring that the delivery of goods and services to those with disabilities is provided in an effective and timely manner, the customer is invited to provide their feedback as follows:

In writing, in person, email or telephone, addressed to:

The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
6544 New Dublin Road
R.R. #2
Addison, Ontario
K0E 1A0
Phone : 613-345-7480
Email : mail@ektwp.ca

The Clerk will respond either in writing, in person, email or telephone acknowledging receipt of feedback and will set out the action to be taken in response to any complaints. A response will be provided within twenty one days.

Information about the feedback process will be posted at each Municipal facility and on the website www.ektwp.ca

Click here to download the Customer Service Feedback Form

Building Department/Building Permit Applications

To learn more about building in Elizabethtown-Kitley, please visit the Building Department’s section of the website.

Some building permit applications below are accompanied by an information guide that can be of assistance while completing the application form. Applications must be completed in full, signed by the property owner or their agent, and submitted directly to the Main Administration Office at 6544 New Dublin Rd.



  • Farm building less than 6460 sq. ft. (600m2) and 2 storeys or less
  • Construction of a building that is owned by that person (residential only)
  • The extension, material alteration or repair of a residential unit containing not more than 2 dwelling units where no dwelling unit is located above another dwelling unit (requested to be qualified but not registered with the Ministry)
  • Detach residential accessory building that does not exceed 538 sq. ft. (50m2)
Accessory Building Application
Addition (Residential) Application
Deck/Porch Application
Demolition Application
Entranceway Application
Outdoor Solid Fuel Appliance Application
Pool Permit Application
Renovation Application
Residential Dwelling (Single Family Dwelling) Application
Woodstove/Fireplace Application

Finance Department

Change of Mailing Address Forms

An up to date mailing address is critical to the timely arrival of tax bills. It is your responsibility to notify our office in writing of any change in your mailing address. As a security feature the signature of the property owner is required for the office to process any such change.

For a Change of Mailing Address Form, click here or call the Main Administration Office at 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175 (within the 613 area code) to request a form.

Pre-Authorized Payment of Taxes

PAP allows you the benefit of settling your tax bill without ever writing a cheque! With a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan funds are withdrawn directly from your bank account. No waiting in line at the bank, no mail-out delays, no running to the corner store for stamps.

Minimize the hassle and join today by clicking here for an application form.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Banking Information Change Request

To change your PAP banking information please print the request form by clicking here, fill it out, and then return to our office at 6544 New Dublin Rd. by mail, fax or email financeadmin@ektwp.ca

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation Form

To cancel your PAP Plan please print the form, fill it out and then return to our office at 6544 New Dublin Rd. by mail, fax or email financeadmin@ektwp.ca

Vacancy Rebate Applications

Commercial or industrial properties that have been vacant for 90 consecutive days may apply for a Rebate of Property Taxes. The deadline for submitting the forms falls on February 28 of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.

Please return the following form to the Main Administration Office at 6544 New Dublin Road, RR 2, Addison, ON K0E 1A0. Questions should be directed to the Director of Finance. Please call 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175 (within the 613 area code).

Fire Department

Babysitting Sheet

Whether you are a babysitter or the parent you will find information on this page that will be useful to you. Click here for the Fire Department’s Babysitting sheet, which allows parents to record important information for babysitters.

Open Burning Pamphlet

The Fire Department has developed a pamphlet that summarizes the open burning regulations. To download this pamphlet select the file:

Volunteer Firefighter Application

Completed and signed application forms must be returned to Fire Station #1, 44 Main Street East, Lyn.

Planning and Development

Official Plan Amendment
Site Plan Application
Zoning By-law Amendment Application
Minor Variances

Recreation Department

Bellamy Park Seasonal Camper Agreement

To learn more about beautiful Bellamy Park. When camping for the season at Bellamy Park, campers are asked to enter into an agreement with the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley regarding terms of use: Bellamy Park Seasonal Camper Agreement

Swimming Program Registration

For more information, contact the Recreation Coordinator at recreation@ektwp.ca