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2020 Zoning By-law Update – By-law 20-24 Passed

The Notice of Passing of By-law No. 20-24, is provided below.  By-law 20-24 as passed by Council on August 10th, 2020, authorizes various amendments to Zoning By-law 13-21, as amended.  Provided below is the entire By-law 20-24, which details various amendments to Zoning By-law 13-21, as amended and includes replacement Schedules A1, A2, A3.   Since the public meeting held on the proposed amendments on March 9, 2020, Council subsequently considered proposed amendments at their July 13th and August 10th meetings of Council, which included consideration of staff reports P-20-09 and P-20-10.

Zoning By-law webpage: https://ektwp.ca/content/zoning-law