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Hunting Safety Letter

A Message from our Fire and Emergency Services:

All Fellow Hunters, ensure your hunt camp is as safe as your home.
Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide detectors save lives.

Hunting season across the province is upon us and thousands of hunters are taking up temporary residences in camps and cabins. The fire department wants to remind hunters and others enjoying their rural properties to ensure the same fire prevention measures are in place at their shelters as they have at their home.

Time at these camps are precious opportunities to recharge batteries and enjoy the hunting traditions with friends and family. Hunters are extremely responsible when it comes to firearms safety, and we remind everyone that it is just as important to be safety minded when it comes to protecting from the devastation of a fire.

The following tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable away:

  • Ensure there are working smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Change the battery yearly, and test when you first arrive.
  • Solve nuisance alarms by installing a smoke alarm with a “hush button”
  • Have a minimum 5 lb. ABC type fire extinguisher located near an exit door.
  • Ensure wood stoves and propane appliances are installed to code requirements
  • Keep combustible well away from stoves and heaters, especially when drying wet clothing
  • If it is necessary to use extension cords, ensure they are of a gauge capable of handling the electrical load on the appliance it is connected to.
  • Keep generators outside, exhaust pointed away from the buildings, and never refuel when they are hot.

Fires at remote properties are challenging to reach. In the event a fire breaks out, ensure everyone gets out safely by having working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor level.  You may only have seconds to escape so commit to making your camp or cabin as safe as your home.