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Patio Heater Safety

Click here to view the infographics created by TSSA about Patio Heater Safety

Knowing how to use patio heaters and open-flame appliances safely will help everyone enjoy outdoor dining and socializing [within public health guidelines] – while avoiding the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

Keep Them Outside: Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use only.  Never use them indoors or within an enclosed structure to avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Always ensure areas are well ventilated.

Keep Them Stable: Do make sure heaters are on a stable surface so they don’t get knocked over.  Don’t install heaters on grass or an uneven sidewalk, or near the edge of an elevated platform.

Move Them With Care: Never move potable heaters while the flame is lit.  Make sure the fuel supply is properly shut off and the unit is cool before relocating.  Always use caution when moving propane cylinders to avoid dropping or impact.

Look Up And Around: Do install heaters in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions for required clearances above, around and underneath heathers.  Do look up and around to ensure proper distancing is maintained from combustible materials such as umbrellas, awnings, walls, tablecloths, paper projects, decorations, signs, etc.  Don’t obstruct firefighting equipment such as extinguishers, hydrants, etc, and make sure heaters are properly distanced from building air intakes.  Do make sure propane cylinders are not stored near operating heaters or smoking areas.  A cylinder is considered to be in storage when not connected to an appliance.

Keep An Eye On Them: Never leave patio heaters unattended.  Exercise additional caution when children or intoxicated adults are in the area.

Read more tips at https://ektwp.ca/document/patio-heater-safety/.