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Pound Services for January & Dog Tag Reminder

Elizabethtown-Kitley pound services will be provided by Meow Town for the month of January.  If you have lost your dog, contact Sally Bell to see if it has been brought there.

  • By Text: 613-803-0053 (preferred method)
  • Answering Service: 613-342-7816
  • Email: cats@meowtown.ca

Dog tags can save your dog and you the stress and cost of being impounded by simply wearing their dog tag. Tag numbers are recorded to help quickly reunite the dog with their owners.  2021 Dog Tags are available at the following locations:

  • Mr Gas (north of Brockville along County Road 29)
  • Harvex (in Addison along County Road 29)
  • Both Township Offices (appointments required during the provincial lockdown)


More information about Animal Control can be found at www.ektwp.ca/animal-control/