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Resources: Mental Health

We’re all in this together.  COVID-19 has disrupted our social patterns, schedules and the comfort of routine and can take a mental toll on anyone.  While you may check in on parents, children, and neighbours, don’t forget to check on yourself.  If you find your well-being is being impacted, reach out to the services listed below in addition to following mental health tips at the bottom of this page.

Stress & Mental Health:


  • Victim Services of Leeds and Grenville (https://www.vslg.ca/)
  • Leeds and Grenville Interval House (1-800-267-4409)
  • Assault Response & Care Centre (https://www.arc-c.ca/)
  • Connect Youth (http://connectyouth.ca/)
  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (1-866-863-0511)
  • Senior Safety Line (1-866-299-1011)
  • Victim Support Line (1-888-579-2888)