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The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley issues licenses for the following items:

• Dog Tags
• Kennels
• Municipal Lottery Licensing
• Refreshment Vehicle
• Events & Festivals

Dog Tags

The Township requires annual dog tags, for all dogs three months or older, unless otherwise indicated in the Dog By-law. During the first three months of the year dog tags can be purchased at several locations throughout the Township, including both municipal offices. Other locations include:

Harvex [formerly Dixie and Egan] (8050 County Rd 29)
Mr. Gas (3065 County Rd 29)
Chit Chat Convenience (25 Main St W, Lyn)

Tickets are available at all locations until March 31st, at which time tags become available only at the municipal offices (6544 New Dublin Rd and 424 County Road 29).

New residents of the Township must license their dogs within 30 days of moving to the Township.

Current (2024) Tag Fees (as per By-law 23-39):

Until the 31st of March $15.00
After March 31st $25.00
Replacement $1.00
New Resident $15.00


Kennels Kennel licensing is regulated through By-law 02-23, being a by-law respecting the regulation and control, protection and identification of dogs in the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley. Dog owners with more than three dogs may be required to obtain a kennel license.

Licenses are issued annually to approved locations in the Township.

Current (2024) Kennel Fees (as per By-law 23-39):

• Hobby Kennel Licence: $200.00
• Renewal hobby Kennel Licence: $30.00
• Grandfathered Kennels: $125.00
• Commercial / Breeding Kennel: $200.00

Municipal Lottery Licensing

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for regulating and overseeing licensed lottery events (such as bingos, raffles and the sale of break open tickets) conducted by eligible charitable and religious organizations to raise funds to support charitable purposes.

As part of the AGCO’s regulatory responsibilities in the charitable sector, the AGCO administers, in partnership with municipalities, the regulatory framework governing the issuance of charitable lottery licenses.

More information is available at AGCO.

Lottery Gaming General Information A lottery event contains three elements: consideration or fee, chance to win a prize and a prize(s). Consideration may be direct or indirect. Only those lottery events approved by the AGCO may be licensable. These approved lottery events and much more information can be found in the AGCO Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM).

Only eligible charitable organizations can apply for a municipal lottery license. New organizations must first apply for eligibility to the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley prior to applying for a lottery license.

Eligibility for lottery licensing is based on four charitable categories:

1. Relief of Poverty
2. Advancement of Religion
3. Advancement of Education
4. Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community

Municipal Lottery Licensing Fees:
3% of the prize amount – Raffles, Bazaar, Break Open Nevada, Bingo etc.

Use of Lottery Proceeds
Funds raised through municipal lottery licensing can only be used for charitable purposes and must be in compliance with a charitable organization’s mandate.
For more information on eligible use of proceeds, refer to the AGCO Lottery Licensing Manual or contact the Deputy Clerk at deputyclerk@ektwp.ca

Bazaar License
Bazaar means an event where any combination of the following lotteries may be conducted:

• raffle not exceeding $50,000 in prizes
• bingo not exceeding $5,500 in prizes
• maximum three wheels of fortune with a maximum $2 bet

A Bazaar license includes Penny Auction Sales.

Bazaar License Terms and Conditions
Bazaar License Application

Raffle License
A raffle lottery is a scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a draw. The different types of raffle schemes are usually identified by the method of determining the winner. Prizes may consist of merchandise and/or cash. As a raffle is a type of lottery, it must be licensed regardless of the size of the prize or whether it is open to the public in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada.

Raffle License Terms & Conditions
Raffle License
Raffle Lottery Report

Blanket Raffle License
A blanket raffle license will allow eligible organizations to obtain one lottery license to conduct and manage more than one type of raffle event within a fixed time period and within a capped prize amount.

Blanket Raffle License
Blanket Raffle Report

Break Open Tickets (BOT) License
Break Open tickets are instant win lottery tickets commonly known as Pull Tab, Nevada or Break Open tickets. A license may last for the period indicated on the license or whenever the licensee completes the ticket sales, whichever comes first.

Break Open Ticket License Terms & Conditions
Break Open Ticket License Application
Break Open Ticket Lottery Report

All application forms must be signed and submitted to the municipal office for eligibility review and processing.

Refreshment Vehicle

The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley passed By-law 12-42 to license and regulate the operation of mobile food vehicles in the Township.

“Motorized Mobile Food Vehicles” shall mean a motor vehicle or a trailer capable of being moved from which food, which has been prepared and cooked on site, is sold.

“Non-Motorized Mobile Food Vehicle” shall mean a vehicle propelled solely by muscular power from which food, which has been prepared and cooked on site, is sold; and shall also include motorcycles.

Current (2024) Fees (as per By-law 23-39):
Motorized Mobile Food Vehicles: $300/season
Non-Motorized Mobile Food Vehicle: $100/season

•  Application
•  Fire Department Requirements

Events & Festivals

The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley passed By-law 13-17 to regulate the holding of public events and festivals within the Township.

An “Event” shall include but not be limited to a festival, concert, entertainment, or production held out-of-doors and to which the general public is invited or admitted.

Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing the following shall not be included:

i) Any festival concert, entertainment or production held on the property of and being sponsored directly by any Religious Organization as defined by the Religions Organization Land Act (Religious Organization – any association of persons that is charitable according to the Law of Ontario), or any recognized Service Clubs or any Registered Canadian Charities.


ii) Any festival concert, entertainment or production which may be reasonable expected to attract fewer than 200 participant present at the event at any given time.

Current (2024) Fee (as per By-law 23-39): $250

•  Application
•  Fire Department Requirements
•  Certificate of Insurance