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Fire Department

Primary Goals & Objectives

The goals of the Fire Department are to provide fire protection services designed to protect lives and property from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions.

Mission Statement
“Our Family, Helping Yours”
The primary mission of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire & Emergency Services is to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.

The 2022 Fire Department Activity Report outlines the number and nature of emergency calls responded to by the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department (EKFD).  Other summaries include recovered funds, response times, hours of activation, financial losses, and fire prevention, among others.  View the Report at https://ektwp.ca/document/2022-fire-department-activity-presentation/

The Fire Stations

Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department

Where are the fire stations? The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley has three fire stations located in different parts of the Township. On this page you will find photos of some of the stations, as well as details regarding their locations.

Station 1 – Lyn
Station 1 is located in the historic village of Lyn, at 44 Main Street East. Fire Administration can be reached by calling 613-498-2460. Station 1 houses Rescue Vehicle 1 which is equipped with Medical Responders Bag, Oxygen & Defib along with extrication equipment. The Fire Hall also houses one pumper and two tankers to complete the fleet.

Station 2 – New Dublin
Station 2 is located at 7519 New Dublin Road in the hamlet of New Dublin. The station has two large bays for trucks. This station also has two pumper and one tankers to complete its fleet.

Station 3 – Toledo
Station 3 is the newest station being built in 2021 and officially opened in 2022, located at 410 County Road 29 in Toledo.  It replaced the former station located in Frankville, which was originally built in 1966 and later added onto in 1970.

This station houses Rescue Vehicle 3, which is equipped with Medical Responders Bag, Oxygen and Defib, as well as one Pumper, one Tanker, one Parade Pumper and a Personnel Transportation Vehicle (Truck #3). The Station contains six bays, a training room for meetings and training sessions, a kitchenette facility, as well as a radio room and two offices in 5000sqft.

Community Programs

The following programs are run by the Fire Department at various times throughout the year.

The Fire Department runs various educational community programs throughout the year to address fire safety concerns in the community and to raise awareness. Programs and other educational resources are available to people of all ages.

Fire Station Tours
It is policy, at the discretion of the Fire Chief, to conduct tours of the fire station when requested by the public and to use these opportunities to promote fire safety education to the residents of the community.

To request a tour, please phone 613-498-2460 or email fireadmin@ektwp.ca

Open Burning

Visit our Open Burning web page here to familiarize yourself with the open burning rules and regulations and how to obtain a permit.



Services provided by Volunteer Firefighters include:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Extrication
  • Ice Water Rescue Level One
  • Fire Prevention
  • Public Education
  • Medical Assists
Fire Fighter
How to Become a Member

The Fire Chief may recommend to Council the appointment of any qualified person to become a probationary member of the department. A person is qualified to be appointed a probationary member who meets the following requirements:

  • Applies in writing or completes an application form
  • Is not less than nineteen years of age
  • Passes such interviews, aptitude and physical tests as may be required
  • Has successfully passed a medical examination (re: physical requirements of a firefighter)
  • Holds a valid Ontario Driver’s License: Minimum “G” classification required
  • A signed Volunteer Application Screening Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information Form
Volunteer Firefighter Application Form

Completed application forms are accepted year-round and must be returned to Fire Station #1, 44 Main Street East, Lyn.

What We Can Do For You
  • A Place and time to be every Monday evening
  • Advancing, expanding your knowledge in first aid, Haz-mat, fire suppression, rescue, enrollment in Ontario Fire College
  • Guarantee of interrupted sleep
  • New friends, coming from diversified backgrounds
  • Guarantee of interrupted meals and family plans
  • Feeling of accomplishment, truly helping people
  • Firefighting, rescue, fire prevention
  • Sore, achy muscles
  • Upgrading or continuing drivers license D, class “Z” endorsement
  • Hepatitis “B” Vaccination
  • Your December Honorarium

Yours in Fire Prevention,
The Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department
Tel: 613-498-2460

Training and Development
It is policy for the Fire Department to participate in various workshops and seminars that promote fire prevention and/or public fire safety education. The Fire Chief and/or Fire Prevention Personnel may attend meetings and/or conferences of various organizations whose purpose is to promote fire prevention and/or public fire safety education including, Fire Prevention Committees, and Fire Prevention Officers Association.

  • Increases level of public and firefighter safety in buildings and on premises
  • Increases public awareness and promotes a positive public attitude
  • Reduces incidences of fire and protect property and jobs
  • Reduces the incidence of arson and fire crime
  • Ensures compliance with fire related Codes, Statutes and By-laws
  • Enhances fire department image and efficiency
  • Assists with protection of the environment

Contact Us

For more information on anything you find on this site, or to acquire information you don’t see here, please contact the Administration office of Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department at 44 Main Street East in the village of Lyn (Station #1).

Phone: 613-498-2460
Fax: 613-342-2358
Email: fireadmin@ektwp.ca