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Cataraqui Conservation Aquatic Invasive Species

Cataraqui Conservation Is offering some help this summer (July 16 to Labour Day) to remove patches of Phragmites that meet the following criteria:

  • Small patches (under 400 metres square)
  • Growing in standing water (much higher eradication success)
  • Safely accessible

Options for assistance include:

  • Cataraqui Conservation staff time for half day on weekdays to lead volunteers for on-site removal. If it’s available and suitable for use at the site staff may also bring a gas powered cutter to reduce workload.
  • Borrowing Phragmites removal kits to use on your own time: raspberry cane cutters, spade shovels, tarps, and other hand tools.

For more information, please visit the Cataraqui Conservation’s website by clicking here.