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Notice of Committee of Adjustment Meeting

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
Notice of Committee of Adjustment Meeting
Application for Minor Variance
(Section 45 of the Planning Act, 1990, R.S.O.)

Date of Meeting: Thursday, November 23rd, 2023
Time of Meeting: 4:00 p.m.
Location: Council Chambers, 6544 New Dublin Road, Addison
Application: A/05-23 (Fevens Property)
306 Watrus Bay Rd

* Please refer to the attached for details regarding this application.

Note to Any Potentially Interested Persons:
You have been circulated with this notice under the Planning Act, as you are a property
owner within 60 m (200 ft.) of the subject property or are a prescribed agency to be circulated
or a potentially interested agency/party. If you have no objections, it is not necessary for you
to attend this meeting or make submissions.

Any interested party may attend the public meeting to make oral submissions on the
application and/or provide written submissions to the Committee of Adjustment.

Any written submissions are requested to be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer by noon
(12:00 p.m.) on November 23rd, 2023.

The public meeting will be held in person and will be live-streamed on the Township YouTube channel. If you wish to attend the meeting you will need to contact the Secretary-Treasurer in advance to obtain instructions on how to access the meeting as an attendee to make oral submissions. This includes the applicant.

All submissions received will remain in the subject file and will not be returned.
All written submissions and oral submissions/comments received, or made during the meeting, become part of the public record.

If you wish to be notified of the Decision of the Committee of Adjustment in respect of this application, you must submit a written request to be notified to the Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment. This will also entitle you to be advised of a possible Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearing (the Tribunal is a provincial appeal body).

Please be advised, no one other than the applicant, the Township, certain public bodies, and the Minister will be allowed to appeal minor variances or consent decisions.

Additional information concerning the application is available by contacting the Secretary-Treasurer.

Dated November 10th, 2023
Sarah Hagen, Secretary-Treasurer
Committee of Adjustment
Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
6544 New Dublin Road
R.R. #2, Addison, ON K0E 1A0
Phone (613) 345-7480 Ext. 217
Email: planning@ektwp.ca

Please note: Personal information is collected pursuant to Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Comments and opinions submitted on these matters become part of the public record and may be viewed by the general public.
Application: A05/23 (Fevens Property)
Location: Con. 1, Pt. Lot 26
Street Address: 306 Watrus Bay Rd (Geographic Elizabethtown)

The applicant is seeking relief from Zoning By-law 13-21, as amended, to permit the construction of a new 15m2 (3.1m x 4.9m) shed and bring an existing 14m2 (3.4m x 4m) gazebo/canopy into compliance.
The purpose of the application is to obtain relief from Section (Accessory Uses) and Section 5.4.2 (Limited Services Residential (RLS) Zone Provisions) of Zoning By-law 13-21, as amended, as follows:

  • Section (Accessory Uses), where, in a Residential zone, accessory buildings
    greater than 14m2 in floor or surface area, shall provide a minimum yard setback of
    3.0m, and where the proposed new shed is to be situated 1.8m from the side lot line.
  • Section 5.4.2 (Limited Services Residential (RLS) Zone Provisions), where the
    maximum lot coverage permitted in the Limited Services Residential (RLS) zone is
    10%, and where the proposed new shed and the existing gazebo/canopy result in a
    total lot coverage of 11%.

The effect of the minor variance is to accommodate a new 15m2 shed located which is to be located in the side yard, and to allow for a maximum lot coverage of 11% to accommodate the new shed and existing gazebo/canopy.

Refer to the attached Location Map and Site Sketch of the property with the proposed dock location.

These lands are not the subject of any other application under the Planning Act, however, there are other applications for the subject property.

Additional information is available at the Township’s New Dublin Municipal Office, 6544 New Dublin Road, during normal office hours.